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Calling all parents!!!

We need you for proctoring AICE Exams. Please email me if you are interested in proctoring for a list of days/times. Additionally, if you are already signed up to proctor, please see the links below for our AICE Invigilator training (16-minute video) and training confirmation (MS Form). Thank you for your support of the BHS AICE Community!

Click HERE for Invigilator Training VIDEO

Click HERE for Invigilator Training Confirmation (Please acknowledge your viewing of the video above)

May 2024 BHS AICE Exams Schedule


Be bold, be brave, ride the wave!

Create your own current, while we swim together!

Beachside High School est. 2022

 Welcome to the BHS Cambridge AICE Program!

AICE is the Cambridge Advanced International Certificate of Education

The Cambridge AICE Program offers a rigorous international Pre-university curriculum and examination system which emphasizes the value of broad and balanced study for academically advanced students. Students can earn college credit for passing scores in every AICE Level exam they take.  AICE courses are among the highest level, and most rigorous courses available to students in St. Johns County School District and across the world.

The Cambridge Advanced International Certificate of Education (Cambridge AICE) is a group certificate that requires learners to study subjects drawn from three curriculum areas within Cambridge International AS & A Level: mathematics and science, languages, and arts and humanities, over the course of three years. For students seeking the AICE Diploma, there is also a compulsory core subject, Cambridge International AS Level Global Perspectives & Research, in addition to a community service/paid work requirement of 100 hours.

While we are excited to offer this program as the newest AICE school in St. Johns County Schools, Cambridge International AS & A Level qualifications have been taken by over 175,000 learners in nearly 130 countries every year.

Who is an AICE student?

(Admission Requirements)

FSA/FAST Reading = level 4 or above (3 minimum), FSA/FAST Math = level 4 or above (3 minimum)
Advanced/Honors level Middle School Coursework, Grades = A/B Honor Roll
Positive Teacher Recommendations (4 core academic classes from 8th grade)
Highly motivated for academic success—focus on college readiness and post-secondary plans
Dedicated to academic studies—ability to keep up with homework, study skills
Organization—ability to balance rigorous coursework and academies, sports, extra-curricular activities
No major attendance or behavioral issues
*Note: Requirements are holistic in nature and no ONE requirement should serve as a disqualifying factor (i.e. a single FAST score of <3 will not serve as a disqualifying factor in program acceptance).

Beachside High School opened its doors to students and faculty in August of 2022 and is the newest high school in St. Johns County.
As the newest high school in SJCSD, Beachside has developed a unique and purposeful set of academy and advanced academic offerings providing our students with the knowledge and skills essential for post-secondary success and career readiness.
The AICE Program at Beachside is the newest Program of Choice and provides students access to advanced, college-level curriculum accompanying their general or academy course of study.  We opened our doors with a cohort of 51 AICE freshmen, excited to begin their three-year process of obtaining the AICE Diploma. AICE has been selected at BHS as a way to provide our students flexibility in their academic course offerings while challenging students through a rigorous, in-depth curriculum designed to engage students in real-world problem-solving and critical thinking through an international perspective.

Want to support AICE and look good doing it?

Purchase your 2024 AICE shirt here:


Want to know more about AICE at Beachside High School?

Please see our AICE Brochure, Classroom Presentations, and Parent Night Presentations below:



AICE Presentation QUICK

AICE Academy Night Presentation

AICE Brochure 2023-24


BHS AICE-Academic Honor Code Student Agreement

Faculty-Staff List 2023-24


What Does AICE Look Like At BHS?

AICE 4 Year Plan 2024-25

BHS Course Selection sheet 2024-2025

BHS AICE Diploma Checklist

Please see below for the AICE Groupings and current subject offerings. Please note that as we are new school, we are adding classes each year and our progression will continue to change.

BHS AICE Course Offerings by Group

BHS AICE Diploma Checklist


What do colleges/universities say about AICE?

Cambridge Recognition and Credit Policy Search

Florida Department of Education Credit-by-exam Articulation guide

Ready to apply?

Check us out on the web below:

SJCSD BHS Career and Technical Education website

BHS Academies website

How do I apply?

See the documents below to apply in HAC between January 4th – 31st!
Missed the application for 2024-25?
Please email Mr. Higgins with your inquiry about AICE for placement information @ [email protected]

BHS How Do I Apply for AICE

AICE and Academy Parent Night Presentation 2023

***Please remember, if applying for BHS AICE as an out of zone student but also zoned for either Nease, SAHS, or PMHS, you must apply to a BHS Academy as your first, second choice, or third choice. Please do NOT apply for AICE as your third choice. Instead please email Mr. Jonathan Higgins at [email protected] indicating your interest in AICE and submit your four teacher recommendations.

2024 Teacher Recommendation Form AICE-IB (for teacher recommendations)

Still have questions, please contact Mr. Higgins by phone at 904-547-4433 or by email at [email protected]

AICE Exams are here!!!

Welcome to the 2024 June AICE Examination Session!

Please see the documents below for our AICE Exam Schedule, Exam Registration Letter, and other pertinent information.

May 2024 BHS AICE Exams Schedule

Exam Letter Spring 2024

We need you!!!

AICE Invigilators (proctors) are in high demand!!!

You too could help us deliver our 1,068 AICE exams to our 582 AICE students in our second year!

Sign up here:


How can you help?

Please consider joining our BHS AICE Booster Club!

Stay tuned for meetings!


BHS AICE Calendar of Events

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