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Post-Secondary Options

Students have many post-secondary options available to them.

  • Students will learn a highly skilled job by working with an expert
  • Lasts two to four years
  • Combine on the job training with classroom work
  • Earn a paycheck the entire time
  • Find Opportunities Here   
Credential or Certificate
  • Often last up to one year
  • State and Technical colleges offer a wide range of credential or certificate programs.
State College (Two-Year, Associate Degree)
  • Associate of Arts – Transfer to a four-year university
  • Associate of Science – Go straight into the workplace
Four Year College or University (Four-Year, Bachelor’s Degree)
  • Can join after obtaining a high school diploma
    • Immediately after high school or
    • Join ROTC while in college and then be commissioned as an officer after college graduation
  • Offers many career and training opportunities
  • Students need to take the ASVAB test during 11th or 12th grade year
    • ASVAB – Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, which is a multiple choice test that helps students identify which job would be best.