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Dual Enrollment at SJRSC

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St. Johns River State College


Beachside High School Offers Dual Enrollment Courses through St. Johns River State College. Students who are eligible are allowed to take Dual Enrollment courses on St. Johns River State College campus or online. Beachside HS will not offer Dual Enrollment courses on the high school site for the 2022-23 school year.

What is Dual Enrollment (grades 9-12)?
Dual enrollment is a program where eligible high school students attend college classes and earn high school credit and college credit at the same time. The credits that students earn must be applicable toward high school graduation and acceptable toward an Associate or Baccalaureate degree. When a student is Dual Enrolled they can take up to 10 college credits during the fall and spring semester and up to two college courses during the summer semester. A dual enrolled student will still be able to take high school classes on Beachside High School’s campus.

DISCLAIMER: students can only participate in Dual Enrollment for either 60 college credit hours or 3 years – whichever comes first.


Who is eligible for Dual Enrollment?

1. Students who have an overall unweighted 3.0 grade point average.

2. Students that have appropriate scores for the SAT, ACT, or PERT exams.

3. Permission from a parent or guardian and your high school guidance counselor.

4. Students that understand the amount of work necessary to succeed in dual enrollment will be greater than in high school courses.

Note: Student must maintain a 3.0 GPA in high school.

Qualifying Test Scores:


Reading 24
Writing 25
Math 25



Reading 19
English 17
Math 21



Reading 106
Writing 103
Math 123


SAT/ACT/PERT Test Information:

To register for the SAT exam, click here

To register for the ACT exam, click here

To register for the PERT exam, please contact SJRSC at 386-312-4228.

For more information on Dual Enrollment